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Getting started tutorials

This tutorial provides information on the initial setup of the “CyberSecurity feature” on the Liberty (previously Lexium) MDrive (LMD) standard and high-torque ethernet devices that are shipped with cybersecurity enabled.

LMD ethernet devices with a CSE mark on the product label of the motor indicates that cybersecurity is enabled on the device and additional setup is required before the device
can be used.

SEM Liberty (previously Lexium) MDrive products feature field upgradeable firmware that allows our users to take advantage of the new feature additions and bug fixes. This tutorial covers upgrading the MCode OS firmware, which is used on Liberty (previously Lexium) MDrive Programmable Motion Control and Ethernet TCP/IP products.

This getting started tutorial covers the process for upgrading the Ethernet Application firmware for a Liberty (previously Lexium) MDrive Ethernet TCP/IP product. with a Kinetis K64 processor.

Before the Liberty (previously Lexium) MDrive can be installed into a network, the TCP/IP parameters, namely the IP address and the subnet mask must be changed to match the network settings.

Before you begin you should have completed the steps found in the following tutorial: Setting up your Ethernet adapter for MDrive Ethernet TCP/IP products

Liberty (previously Lexium) MDrive Ethernet products ship from the factory with the TCP/IP parameters defaulted to the following settings:

  • IP Address:
  • Subnet mask:

These need to be changed to meet the configuration of the network that these will be installed into. This procedure covers setting up the adapter card in your PC to initially connect to your Liberty (previously Lexium) MDrive TCP/IP product.

This procedure provides an example of exporting user-defined data types using the Liberty (previously Lexium) MDrive
Ethernet Interface, version of Liberty (previously Lexium) MDrive Software Suite version and Lexium
MDrive, part number LMDCE571.

The MDrivePlus Motion Control products represent significant improvements over the legacy MDrives. Based on new patented technology, they feature a richer software command set, improved current control, and enhanced thermal dissipation.

Along with these improvements, there may be situations where the MDrivePlus are not “drop-in replacements” for existing legacy MDrives. Some customers may have software that will not run on MDrivePlus units without syntax modifications. There may be timing differences in some command executions that could affect system response. Additionally, it is recommended that customers with close tolerance or clearance situations study the mechanical drawings for the MDrivePlus units.


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