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RS-422/485 Serial

Standard serial interface for single and multidrop motion systems.

RS-422/485 serial interface for programming and control

SEM serial products support RS-422 (4-wire) and RS-485 (2-wire) serial communications interfaces and may be connected in either single or multi-drop networking configurations (party mode). In multi-drop mode, each serial node address is configured as an ASCII character consisting of A-Z, a-z or 0-9 for a total of 62 possible nodes in a serial network.

Serial networking resources


Serial communications methods to transfer data have been standardized for nearly half a century. RS-422 and RS-485 are balanced differential communications interface widely used in industrial networks for multi-drop and multi-point networks.

Lexium MDrive Pulse/direction and Motion Control units can be named using viewable ASCII characters. There my be up to 62 named nodes on a serial network.

Novanta IMS Motion Control products us the MCode programming language which uses 2-character mnemonic commands. Pulse/direction products use an intuitive GUI for configuration and setup. These are both available as open or closed loop with an internal magnetic encoder. Closed loop models feature hMTechnology.

Example Serial network using Lexium MDrive products

Serial integrated motor products

Robust integrated motors, specially well suited for industrial applications

Built on the Lexium  MDrive  platform with the addition of external linear mechanicals

Ultra compact integrated motors with the broadest range of configurations

Built on the MDrive Plus platform with the addition of linear mechanicals

Serial discrete driver products

Microstepping drive and ontroller for programmable motion, or drive only

Ultra-compact drive and controller with  development board options

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