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MDrive® Plus

Archived: MDI3 NEMA 23 EtherNet/IP IP20

MDrive Plus NEMA size 23 (57 mm)

This product offers a choice of eight 24 VDC multifunction programmable I/O points + two TTL high speed clock I/O points, or four 24 VDC I/O with TTL inputs for a remote encoder for following or reading off-shaft differential encoder

  • Holding torque range oz-in (N-cm): 90 …283 (64 … 200)
  • I/O connector options: Wire Crimp
  • Com connector: RJ45

Need more advanced features ?
Liberty (previously Lexium) MDrive products offer advanced features such as closed lopp performance and absolute encoders.
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Motor & Mechanical

Torque Speed Performance Curves

Test conditions: 100% current with damper simulating load.

Single stack length
Double stack length
Triple stack length
Quad stack length

Motor Characteristics
Performance notes Single Length Double Length Triple Length
Holding torque [oz-in] 90 144 239
{N-cm] 64 102 169
Rotor inertia [oz-in-sec2] 0.0025 0.0037 0.0065
[kg-cm2] 0.18 0.26 0.46
Detent Torque [oz-in] 3.9 5.6 9.7
{N-cm] 2.7 3.9 6.9
Weight oz 21.6 26.4 39.2
gm 612 748 1111
Performance notes Quad Length
Holding torque [oz-in] 283
{N-cm] 200
Rotor inertia [oz-in-sec2] 0.0108
[kg-cm2] 0.76
Detent Torque [oz-in] 14.2
{N-cm] 10.0
Weight oz 62
gm 1746


3D Models
December 2015
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Firmware - Released
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Hardware Manuals
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Product Datasheets
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Software Manuals
User Interface Software
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