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PCB-mount discrete drivers

IM483H 3.0 A Microstepping Driver Module


The IM483H  Plus are high performance, low-cost microstepping drivers utilizing advanced technology to greatly reduce size without sacrificing features. The stepper motor drivers are exceptionally small, easy to interface and use, and yet powerful enough to handle the most demanding applications.



Control Type Step/Direction
Control Interface Step, direction and enable inputs
Driver Type Microstepping
Operating Temperature [°C] -40 … +85
California Residents – Click here for Proposition 65 warning
Input Voltage [+VDC] +12 to +48
Output Current [A] 3.0 (4.2)
Low-Level Input Voltage All inputs [+VDC] 1.2
High-Level Input Voltage All inputs except Reset [+VDC] 2.0
High-Level Input Voltage Reset Input, IOL = 2 mA [+VDC] 2.3
Input Pull-up Resistance MSEL 0-3, Enable 20
Step Clock, Direction 2.0
Reset 1.0
Fault Input 4.7
Low-Level Output Current Fault, Full step mA (min) 2
High-Level Output Current Fault, Full step mA (min) -2
Low-Level Output Voltage IOL = 2 mA [+VDC] 0.5
High-Level Output Voltage IOH = 1.7 mA [+VDC] 2.3
Step Frequency [MHz] max 2.5
Step Resolutions [steps/full step]  1 … 256

Mechanical dimensions

Part Builder

Part Number/Accessories

Description Part number
3.0 A Driver Module XIM483H
Isolating Thermal Pad (Included with Driver) TI-22
Heat Sink/Fan/Clip Assembly HFC-22
Driver Interface Board INT-483H
Developer’s Kit (Includes Driver, Interface Board, Heat Sink/Fan/Clip Assembly) . XIM483H-DK1
23 Pin Receptacles with Throwaway Carrier PR-22-G1
Small Pry Bar (To Remove Throwaway Carrier and Driver from Pin Receptacles). PB-22
Mounting L-Bracket. MB-22

Recommended motors

NEMA 23 Stepper Motor
90 … 239 oz-in (64 … 169 N-cm) holding torque
NEMA 23 Stepper Motor
90 … 239 oz-in (64 … 169 N-cm) holding torque
NEMA 17Stepper Motor
32 to 75 oz-in (23 to 53 N-cm) holding torque
NEMA 14 Stepper Motor
12.5 oz-in (8.8 N-cm) holding torque

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